FastFluff Pit Fluffing Systems

Invented and patented by an 11 year-old boy who watched his father struggle with the never ending task of fluffing the three loose foam pits in their gym. “Why not try this” he said. His father thought “Why not, we tried everything else”.  And so the Pit Fluffer was born.


Prior to the Fast Fluff™ System the only way to fluff a loose foam pit was messy, difficult and time consuming. In fact, it’s so difficult a task it rarely gets done at all. Everyone who has a pit knows exactly what we mean.


Foam at the bottom of your pit will sit there, compressed out of shape, until it becomes useless. Not anymore. With the push of a button your foam pit is fluffed in a few minutes. You can fluff every day, several times a day if you like. It’s that easy!


The Fast Fluff™ System is designed and fabricated in the USA. These rugged, long lasting, pieces of equipment are designed to be a time and money saving addition to any facility.

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Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems